What we do

Motiv's aim is to make financing a car cheaper, simpler and easier for consumers like you. We believe that too often consumers are getting a bad deal when it comes to finance. It's not just us, the UK financial services regulator thinks consumers could be being overcharged by £300 million per year!*

To do this we've created an innovative price comparison site focused on helping you better understand the options available to you when financing your next car, through a quick and simple journey. Whether you know the exact car you're looking to buy, or just how much you're looking to spend, we'll collect your details and then return offers personalised to you.

So if you're looking to buy a car on finance, don't just assume you'll get a good offer from the car dealership. Check here first.

*£300 million as published in the FCA summary "FCA acts to address unclear and excessive motor finance costs", on 4th March 2019.

How are we different?

Unbiased results

Just because you are buying a car, that doesn't mean the only option is a traditional car finance offer. Another type of offer (for example a Personal Loan) may better suit your needs. We simply want to help you find a great deal for your circumstances and do so by comparing across many types of products. Further information on the types of products we consider can be found in car finance explained.

Guaranteed rates

We work with lenders that can show the exact APR (interest rate) you'll pay before you apply. This may not sound special but it's actually rare. Most advertisements you see show representative APRs, where the lender can give you a higher rate after you apply. When we show a Guaranteed Rate this means the monthly payment you see is the one you'll end up paying if accepted for the product.

Chance of acceptance

We'll show you your chances of getting accepted for products before you apply. This means you can focus your time on the products you are likely to be approved for and it can also help protect your credit score by limiting the number of applications you need to make.